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Gas Distribution Services

Our gas distribution services are the first choice for our clients when it comes to gas installations and connections.

We have a wealth of experience and knowledge for all types of gas installation and gas transportation projects from simple gas connections to complex design and installation of gas networks up to 7 bar (intermediate pressure) to current IGEM standards.

We offer a complete package when it comes to the transportation of natural gas for industrial, commercial and residential installations. Accredited by the Gas Industry Registration Scheme (GIRS) & Gas Safe Register, you can be assured of a highly technical standard of work with a quality and safety standard that is recognised by all UK Gas Transporters.


Gas Distribution and Connection Services Include:

  • New connections onto existing gas mains in the public highway
  • New on-site gas mains and services up to the meter
  • Gas Pipe Connection Testing and Commissioning
  • Liaison with Local Authorities, TFL (Transport for London), highway agencies etc
  • Pipe Asset adoption by IGT or GT
  • Procedure writing including GL5 Appraisal, NRO/RO
  • Gas Inlet Pipe work Installation From National Grid to meter
  • Gas Outlet Pipe work Installation From the meter into the building and if necessary up to the burner inlet etc
  • Gas Commercial Meter Installation to CMET1 and CMET2 for commercial meters these can be installed and commissioned complete with meter asset management through a registered MAM where required
  • Project Management
  • Design of gas distribution systems in accordance with IGEM recommendations
  • Condition reporting, on-site surveys & assessments
  • Routine pipe maintenance, & emergency response to enable compliance with safety case requirements

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