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Outlet Pipe Repairs

CDS Pipe Services Ltd replace and install natural gas and water pipes of all sizes and materials. We have the equipment and experience to provide the most suitable method of replacing damaged or worn pipes. We play a vital role in replacing metallic mains pipes with Polyethylene PE for the distribution of gas and water.

The cost of replacing outlet pipes can be very expensive, time consuming and very disruptive especially in built up urban areas. We utilise the latest in tools and techniques to minimise cost and disruption to the end user and our clients.

We offer several gas and water outlet pipe repair techniques from Insertion/ Slip lining to open cut pipe laying. We utilise flow stopping and under pressure drilling to enable minimal or no disruption to gas and water supplies.

Pipe Repair

Using the latest technology to fault find leaking pipes we can repair underground pipes in a fast and cost effective manner.

CDS Pipe Services Ltd operatives have vast experience in repairing Gas and water pipes, working with large diameter PE pipes to Steel and cast iron pipes.

Leaking Water Outlet Pipe Repair

Leaking water outlet pipes are a major problem in the UK. Underground water leaks mainly occur where cast iron pipes have fractured due to movement and adverse effects of cold weather.

Leaking water pipes can be repaired or replaced using sliplining or open cut method using MDPE Pipes to protect against harsh weather and earth movement.

Leaking Gas Pipes Repair

Our knowledge and expertise in repairing Underground Gas and Water pipes are acknowledge by industry bodies who recognise companies who represent a high level of technical, quality and safety standard.

CDS Pipe Services Ltd offer an emergency call out pipe repair for leaking gas pipes for industrial and commercial premises.

Insertion Slip Lining

Sliplining is one of the simplest and economical method of pipe rehabilitation applied in the gas and water industry for many years.

This approach can be used both on mains and services, and does not require special equipment. Depending on local conditions and suitability CDS Pipe Services offers two Sliplining solutions Segmented Sliplining  and Continuous Sliplining.
Slip lining is a widely used method for replacing older metallic pipes with PE pipes.

The PE pipe is generally 10% smaller in diameter which is inserted into the older pipe. This technique works well due to smoother flow characteristics of modern polyethylene pipe compensating for the loss in size without compromising demand requirements.

Open Cut

Open cut is a method used for large diameter gas and water pipes. Open Cut or trenching requires excavation from ground level to the required installation depth. The surface needs to be backfilled and reinstated once gas and water pipes rehabilitation is completed with pressure testing.

CDS Pipe Services Ltd have full capabilities to provide a complete one-stop full turn-key solution to your individual requirements.

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