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Pressure Testing

We offer pneumatic & hydrostatic pressure testing for all types of gas and water installations throughout our service areas.

Pressure testing is done using modern technologies suitable for testing pipe from ¼” to 36” in diameter. We have capabilities to test all materials including steel, ductile iron, and PE pipe materials such as HPPE, MDPE etc. With an option to use a pressure data logger. Testing of metallic water infrastructure will be done using the water loss procedure and data logger for a permanent record.

As pipeline operators/owners are ever increasingly under pressure to reduce leaks, it has never been so important to make sure that mains are sound. So if you are laying new mains, testing its integrity is a vital part of the process.

Using industry guidelines and manufacturer specifications, we can rigorously pressure test your pipes, whatever material they are made of, as well as your new main fittings & joints, and existing installations.

Our testing procedures are thorough. All tests are monitored and recorded on-site, and you’ll be presented with a report of the results at the end.

Pressure testing is completed using a variety of equipment, selected specifically for the type and size of pipeline to be tested. All equipment is pressure variable and is fitted with pressure relief valves which are set on site to the required safety limits.

On larger diameter Polyethylene mains our high flow rate pumps ensure a quick and accurate site test enabling the overall pipeline commissioning process to be shortened.

Testing of all ‘creep reactive’ pipe materials such as HPPE, MDPE etc is completed using industry standard pressure data loggers. Test results are analysed using our industry approved test programmes, with test certificates issued on completion. Testing of solid pipe materials such as Ductile Iron, PVC etc is completed using the water loss procedure and the standard certified test gauge and manifold.

CDS Pipe Services Ltd provide various techniques for pressure testing of services and/or mains installations on distribution applications. We have experience staff and a comprehensive range of plant, equipment and fittings to meet your individual requirements.

CDS Pipe Services Ltd can undertake hydrostatic and pneumatic pressure testing with the minimum disruption to construction activities. All pressure testing work is carried out in a safe and environmentally friendly manner and to relevant specifications and codes of practice.

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