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Specialist Connections

PE Fast-Cut Drilling Service

We are proud to offer our clients an Under pressure Drilling Service (Fast-Cut), which can offer significant advantages when working to tight timescales – particularly when excavations are in highway sensitive areas.

The Fast Cut Drill can be used upon Polyethylene (PE80) and High Density Polyethylene (PE100) pipe and is available in most sizes of usual parent main and off-take sizes.

Why Use PE fast-cut Drilling Service

The greatest advantages to Fast Cut Drilling are

  • Quick Turn around
  • Smaller excavations
  • Lower Civil Engineering Costs
  • Reduced Timescale
  • Reduced Manpower
  • Less Equipment Required
  • Less Disruption

CDS Pipe Services Ltd is one of only a handful of companies to hold GIRS approval for this type of work and we have made significant investment in training and equipment to deliver this service.

The Fast Cut Drilling services offered:
As part of our normal Gas and Water installation practice passing on the economic and practical benefits of the Fast Cut Drill to our Client.

As a Stand-alone solution to Clients and Contractors independent of Gas or Water installation services we offer:

  • Gas connections including management of the connection permitry and on-site SCO supervision to meet the local GT requirements.
  • Water connections for Water Authorities, Contractors working on behalf of Water Authorities as well as connections required on private buried water systems. Downstream gas installations where interruption to existing connected consumers is not practical
  • Polyethylene Industrial & Commercial Process Applications requiring additional off takes, modifications, or diversions

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