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Under Pressure Drilling

Under Pressure Drilling / Hot Tapping Services

Under Pressure Drilling (Hot tapping) Is A Procedure Undertaken When A Branch Connection Is Required Off a Live Pipe In Constant Operation.

The branch connection could be required to bypass a gas pipeline section due for repair, outlet pipe replacement, Water pipe alteration or a gas pipe relocation.

Types of Pipework We Work With:

CDS Pipe Services Ltd under pressure drilling service has a diverse range of equipment with capabilities from ¼” to 24” fully utilised & approved by all utility operators, to enable new branch connections to be made on many types of pipes including

  • Cast Iron
  • Ductile Iron
  • Steel
  • PE80
  • PVC
  • Cement
  • PE100

Under pressure drilling or hot tapping enables the installation of a connection without any disruption to the live pipeline. This method live welds or mechanically fits an isolating valve to a short section of the pipe. Once the isolation valve is fitted it is opened to allow the drilling tool to be screwed or flanged into place. When the pipe has been drilled to the maximum hole the isolation valve is turned off and all drilling equipment is removed.

The key benefits to under pressure drilling are

  • No interruption to customers and industry
  • Minimal risk of discolouration incidents
  • No drain down time and associated waste problems
  • Improved public perception for the gas and water company
  • Reduced levels of customer complaints
  • Customer systems not depressurised
  • Reduced contamination risk

CDS Pipe Services Ltd are an ISO 9001 accredited organisation with GIRS and WIRS Registration, which ensures you the quality and standard of work for water and gas distribution are of the highest calibre.

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